To officially book a wedding/event date, both a signed contract and a half-down deposit are required.  The final payment is due 1 month out from the wedding/event date.   

To officially book a photoshoot, both a signed contract and full payment are required.  

SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will not attend the event if payment has not been completed by the deadline.

Full payment must be received 1 month prior to the wedding/event day.

*Weddings/events over 150 miles from Saratoga, CA must book a minimum of 6 hours.

Engagement shoots farther than a 45 mile radius from Saratoga, CA will require additional travel fees.  

If shooting locations are more than 30 minutes apart, additional travel fees will be required.  We can only support two getting ready locations if they are within a 30 minute drive of each other.

If clients choose an engagement shoot location with a permit fee, that fee will be billed to them.

The City Hall package is only for city hall weddings and may not be used for a wedding outside of that type of venue.

Photo Booths may only be added onto a wedding package and cannot be rented on their own or with a photoshoot.

Extra hours are limited to 1 hour at $300.


All images are protected under copyrighted by SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY. The digital images (hereinafter collectively “images”) created by SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY and/or subcontractor(s) remain the property of SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY. Violators of this federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY maintains the right to use the photos for promotional purposes including but not limited to posting on Social Media, posting on the ShootAnyAngle website, allowing vendors to see and use the photos, and submitting to wedding publications and websites.


Images and all products are edited and presented at the photographer’s discretion, and delivered images/video may not include all images/footage shot. The photographer reserves the creative right to edit and release only images and products deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards. RAW images and raw, unedited video footage will not be released as they represent only a part of the artistic vision of the final product.  Photo books are created/arranged/laid out at the photographer's discretion and will not include all images shot.  360 videos are edited at the photographer’s discretion and all edits and music choices are at the sole discretion of SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY.  SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY is under no obligation to re-edit any images, videos, or products (nor will any discount, refund, or complimentary replacements be offered if the clients do not agree with the design, edits, music selection, or chosen images/footage).   


SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY only handles the photography (i.e. still images) of the event. They do not provide traditional videography (i.e. motion pictures) of the event (with the exception of 360 virtual reality on special packages).  The packages are for consecutive hours (i.e. an 8 hour package starting at noon will end at 8pm).  Hours cannot be split between days nor paused after the start time.


If a wedding/event is cancelled more than six months prior to the date of said event, SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will provide the client with a full refund minus the price of any services already rendered, plus the cost of any services already rendered and any business expenses already incurred (this includes but is not limited to mileage, PayPal fees, subscription dues, sales tax, etc) as well as a cancellation processing fee of $50.  If the event is cancelled six months or less from the event date, NO refund can be provided due to the high probability that SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will not be able re-book that date (for example, a booking for July 2nd would need to be cancelled by January 1st at 11:59pm to receive a refund).  Any other or special arrangements shall be discussed between the client and SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPY. All such arrangements will be put in writing, attached to this contract and signed.

If an engagement shoot or other photoshoot is cancelled more than 1 week out from the shoot date, SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will provide the client with a 50% refund.  If an engagement shoot or other photoshoot is cancelled 1 week or less from the shoot date, the clients will NOT receive a refund (for example, a booking on a Friday would need to be cancelled by 11:59pm of the Thursday of the week before to receive a refund).  Engagement shoots and other photoshoots can be rescheduled (unless a permit process does not allow it).  If permit fees have already been paid, those will not be refunded to the clients, and any fees associated with the cancellation will be passed onto the clients.

To capture clients in the best light possible, SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY strives to find the best hour to shoot. Due to this, shoots must begin on time. If the clients miss their scheduled photoshoot or are more than 20 minutes late, SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to discontinue the shoot. No full or partial refund would be offered. If clients choose to reschedule, they will incur a rescheduling fee.

Clients are forbidden from speaking with other photographers about photographing the same event and/or providing photography services on the same day, and the clients understand that doing so will forfeit any refund from SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY. If the client enters into talks with another photographer to cover the the same date that SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY is already under contract for and/or double books and attempts to cancel the contract with SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY afterwards, no refund will be given to the clients.

Cancellation must be in writing even if a phone call was made to inform SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY of the cancellation.

There are no refunds, exchanges, returns, or replacements on any product.


By using this website and/or by contacting SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY, the clients (both potential and active) agree to behave professionally.  If the behavior of the clients is deemed inappropriate by SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY, then they reserve the right to refuse to work with the client further and to ignore future communications.  Such behavior includes but is not limited to harassment, belittling, badgering them (as in the case of repeatedly contacting SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY regarding a matter they have already stated their decision regarding), badmouthing, threatening, lying, attacking them verbally or otherwise, defaming the business or its owners/employees, etc.  If the behavior is anything illegal (including but not limited to assault), then SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will call the police and may press charges. If inappropriate behavior is directed at SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY by either the clients or their guests (invited or uninvited) on the day of the wedding/event (including but not limited to harassing, badmouthing, attacking them verbally or otherwise, defaming the business or its owners/employees), then SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to leave the event without offering a full or partial refund.  If the behavior is anything illegal (including but not limited to assault), then SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY will call the police on site and may press charges.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of SHOOTANYANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY.

All photos are © ShootAnyAngle 2019.  All Rights Reserved.

Terms and Conditions

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