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When will we receive our photos?  And how?

We deliver the photos up to 35 business days after the event.  You'll receive a beautiful online album for

viewing and downloading your images (both invidiually and/or in bulk).  It's great for sharing with friends and familly!

What's your primary style?

We do it all: photojournalistic, posed, artistic, etc.  We love candid, photojournalistic shots probably the best though.  

That's where photographers can capture special moments.  Plus, James was a photojournalist for many years prior

to becoming a wedding photographer.

What format do you shoot in?

We shoot all photographs in RAW.  This allows us to capture the most vibrant colors, the sharpest images, and the highest resolution.  

It gives the most options when retouching the photographs.  However, we'll provide you with JPG files that you can

easily share with friends and family.  

What cameras and equipment do you use? Do you have back-ups?

We use Nikon cameras with full-framed sensors (that work well for low-light photography).  For the main events, we tend to each

carry two cameras on us.  We always have back-up cameras on hand at each event.  

Who will actually be the photographer at my wedding?

We will be!  James and Angela will both be taking photos at the wedding.  

Will I get every single photo that you take?

You will get most of the photos we take.  We sometimes take multiple shots to ensure we get what we are hoping to capture.  In that case, you'll get the best shot or shots.  

Other photos have people mid-blink, which we all know is not too flattering.  There are also times when

someone will walk into our shot.  Basically, there will always be shots that no one wants, so we will remove those prior to sending

them over so you only get the best.

How many photos will we receive?

It varies, of course, but we generally take at least 100 photos per active hour (active meaning during the ceremony or during an event

of some kind).  So, for a 6 hour wedding, you can count on 600+ photos, but it's generally a lot more.

Do you touch-up the photos?  Is there an extra charge?

We touch-up all photos, but this is included in the price.  Your eye naturally "edits" the world around you, so we mimic this natural process

in Photoshop.  For the most part, we just enhance what is already there, but sometimes we will choose to do something more artsy.  We do not provide RAW images as they only represent a portion of the creative vision of the final photo.

What kind of input will we have on your photography?

We welcome your input!  If you like a certain style or poses, tell us!  We're happy to work with you.  After all, it's your day and your

photographs.  We love getting Shot Lists with sample photos that you like.  That helps us understand what shots you want.  It's also

critical to have this list if you want specific shots of certain guests.  We can only take a shot of a moment that happens, but if we

know you want it, we'll take steps to bring that guest over to you so we can get the shot.

What types of weddings have you photographed before?

We've shot indoors, outdoors, small, and large.  Take a look at our portfolio to see our past weddings.

How many professional shoots have you done?

Over a hundred!

Will you shoot other events on my wedding day?

Nope.  You get us all to yourself on your big day!

Do you shoot video as well?

Though we provide 360 degree videography, this is not the typical wedding video done by a videographer.  Our focus is capturing stills.

What will you wear to my wedding?

We will wear wedding guest appropriate attire.  We tend to gravitate towards dark clothing so our black gear doesn't stand

out too much, but if it's hot, we may dress in lighter colors so as not to overheat.  If you prefer we dress in a certain way, let us know!

Do you back-up our photos?

Yes. All our cameras save the images on two memory cards to ensure the safety of the images.  After the wedding, we'll

back them up to multiple hard-drives.

What will you do with our wedding photos apart from giving them to us?

We'll use them for promotional purposes only (including, but not limited to: posting on our website, sharing on social media sites,

entering in wedding photography contests, etc).  We'll also submit the images to popular blogs/publications like The Knot and

Style Me Pretty to share your gorgeous wedding with others.  If any publications accept it, we'll let you know.  

Do you charge for travel expenses?

Yes, if the wedding/event is over 150 miles from Saratoga, CA, additional fees will be required.  The amount will be determined

by the distance, mileage, and hotel costs.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we do!

Do you need a break? Do I need to feed you?

Yes.  We generally take a break during your dinner time.  No one wants a picture of themselves stuffing food in their face, so

we have our dinner at that time too.  Our contract does state that you will need to provide us with dinner for weddings of 6 hours

or more, but we do not need a place to sit.  We will take our plates away from the reception

area for a little break before festivities resume.

When is payment due?

To book the date, we require half down.  The final half is due one month prior to the wedding.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to six months prior to your wedding date for a full refund (minus the cost of any services already rendered) of

what you've previously paid (half of the final payment).  If you cancel after that point, we'll be unable to refund any part of the payment.  

What happens if you're sick?

For the most part, we tend to just power through it and get the work done.  If it's something we can't power through, we can

have our side shooters come instead.  You would be kept in the loop if any changes need to be made.

Do you provide references?

The privacy of our clients is important to us, so we don't give out contact details for reference purposes.  However, you're

welcome to view the reviews on our pricing page.

Why are engagement shoots more per hour?

Weddings are planned entirely by you, so we’re capturing what you have created (and of course, adding in our own ideas

for photo-ops).  You’ve booked the venue, so you don’t have to worry about any photo permits or anything like that.  Engagement

shoots, however, aren’t planned out extensively in the same way.  There are often photo permit applications and location scouting, all

of which is done by us, the photographers.  So, there is more work and expenses in the planning stages.  

What are the requirements for the photo booth?

A 10tf square area is required to allow for traffic around the booth.  

It needs to be within 10 feet of a working outlet that doesn't have anything else plugged into it.  The photo booth

should be against a wall, and it can be in a corner (walls on two adjoining sides).  More information is available here.

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